Brautigan Week: Borrowing The Light by Darran Anderson
29 January 2007

"A dose of wide-eyed Brautigan is good for you."

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Brautigan Week: i lay me down by D.B. Cox
28 January 2007

for Brautigan

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The Mayonnaise Moment: A Reflection Of Richard Brautigan by Ben Myers
26 January 2007

"Bring me a plate of Brautigan and don't spare the seasoning!"

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Brautigan Week: The Captain Gives A Reading by Greg Keeler
25 January 2007

"I would like to give you a little lesson in capitalism," said Richard.

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Brautigan Week: The table where the Captain sat
24 January 2007

Rob McLennan reviews Richard Brautigan: Essays on the Writings and Life, edited by John F. Barber.

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Brautigan Week: Free City House by Lily Pond
23 January 2007

"it was probably the weed, soft on the air around us. and we sat, occupants and stragglers, around the table, helping richard pack his seeds."

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Brautigan Week: Autumn Days by Peter Wild
22 January 2007

There isn't an author alive or dead more worth hunting out than Richard Brautigan.

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Richard Brautigan Week: A Brief Introduction
21 January 2007

It is Richard Brautigan's birthday on 30 January. To celebrate the man (and his work), Dogmatika is turning the blog over to all-things Brautigan for the week.

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